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Why choose Oppie™

The OPPIE solution includes a rich developed software system (OMS). The purpose of the OMS is to make the minibars intelligent.

No theft: OMS secures an online, accurate debiting of all consumption on the guest’s account.

Refill lists: OMS enables compilation and printing of accurate refilling lists.

Limited access: OMS grants limited or no access for certain groups, all administrated from reception.

Energy consumption: OMS allows the hotel to turn off / on the power for all or just parts of the rooms.

Expired date control: OMS constantly watches the supply and consumption from all minibars. Signals are given before reaching critical dates.

Statistics: OMS creates detailed statistics & sales reports, all available online on a daily basis.

Marketing: OMS creates tailor made campaign for member card holders, happy hours, TV-commercials etc.

Why choose Oppie™

System illustration

OPPIE has an interface and online connection with the hotel booking
system (PMS).

In realtime all consumption and other messages between OPPIE and PMS are effected by means of the hotel’s existing network or wireless.

No need for extra cabling and programming enable a fast installation (3-4 days / 200 rooms).

(Network: COAX or Cat5-cable)