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Why choose Oppie™

OPPIE challenges the hotels not just to evaluate their minibar purchases only with regards to installation costs.
The comparison of minibar providers should be based on a split between installation, operational and maintenance costs to assess the actual net contribution. This way the hotels can evaluate the minibars as profit centres on an annual basis and not only as a one time payment.


Oppie™ provides three separate Services:

1: Minibar

• Purchase * (One time payment)
• Rent * (Agreement for 5-7 years)
• Revenue Share: City concept regulating split of revenues between hotel & operator, and thereby avoiding any investments in favour of the hotel.

* A separate agreement regulates 3 years quarantee + monthly services

2: OMS

• A monthly fee for a constant and accurate delivery & support of OMS.
• A monthly fee for the usage and main­tenance of hotel network & interfaces.

3: Daily operation

• A monthly fee for outsourcing of all daily operational tasks ( refilling and weekly maintenance, carried out by Oppie Design’s approved partners.

Special agreements with the selected suppliers of snack & drinks can be enogiated from hotel. Their commitments could finance the rent + the operational costs for the hotel.