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Why choose Oppie™

An increase in sales: With its open and attractive design OPPIE encourages impulsive consumption.

No shrinkage: OPPIE is the only fully sealed solution with an online and accurate debiting of all consumption.

Reduced labour costs: OPPIE enables compilation and printing of accurate refilling lists (Only one person needed per 850 rooms for daily refilling)

Limited access: OPPIE grants limited access only (no alcohol for minors) or no access for certain groups, all administrated from reception.

Higher comfort: OPPIE with its unique sealed solution provides hygenic serving of refreshments. No «putting back» possible from previous guest.

Reduced energy consumption: OPPIE with its own software system (OMS) allows some or all minibars to be turned off at certain times during the day, all administrated online.

Online supply of statistics & reports: OPPIE enables a constant creation of detailed statistics through the OMS (sales reports, price sensitivity etc.)

Prevention of expired date-products: OPPIE offers through OMS a very own software programme to control all contents. A signal is given before reaching actual dates enabling marketing of happy hours so as to empty stock.

Core business: OPPIE allows the hotel to delegate refilling and other daily operation tasks.