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Annual cost per full time
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Refilling cost per year
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1: Annual revenue from minibars. 2: Cost of the purchased goods sold in the minibars.3: Number of rooms in your hotel. 4: Labour cost in housekeeping (one person / year). 5: Ordinary minibars require one person per 250 rooms. Oppie™ Minibars require one person per 850 rooms due to compilation of accurate refilling list 6: Your purchase price per unit


* A market study from Radisson SAS Hotel Bergen ( 345 rooms ):

OPPIE minibar (2008) Ordinary minibars (2007)

• Cost of goods sold: 52,1 % reduced to 33,4 % due to the elimination of theft with OPPIE inroom bar.

• Refilling costs: A reduction of 74 % in time & labor costs. Traditional minibars require 11,5 hours on a daily basis.
OPPIE require only 3 hours per day due to compilation of accurate refilling lists.

Monthly revenues
12.750,- 13.000,-
Cost of goods sold
4.259,- 6.773,-
Financial expences
2.849,- 1.078,-
Refilling costs
1.223,- 4.688,-
Monthly net revenues
4.419,- 461,-